November 4, 2011


BRF makes new appointment in Argentina's poultry operations



BRF Brasil Foods, which recently purchased Avex and Danica, has appointed Wilson Mello to head the operations in Argentina.


Mello goes straight to the point saying investments of US$150 million within two years should bring Avex to have a 20% share in the poultry market cornered by Granja del Sol (23% share) and Rasic (19% share).


The Rio Cuarto plant of Avex is to increase the processing capacity from the present 115,000 chicken per day to nigh on 300,000 and enlarge the supply chain of chicken farmers.


Mello says BRF is a food processing company with a range of products in the portfolio, thus differently from JBS and Marfrig that moved strongly in the beef market and are now facing problems with the scarcity of cattle and constraints to exports. BRF should keep a balance supply of poultry meat to the domestic and external markets.

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