November 4, 2011


Russian winter crop harvest may reach 42.6 million tonnes



Russia's winter grains may nearly reach 42.6 million tonnes in 2012 compared to 40 million tonnes in 2010, according to a preliminary forecast by analytical centre of OJSC RusAgroTrans.


The forecast of the general grain harvest in Russia in 2011 totals nearly 91.3 million tonnes, including 55.1 million tonnes of wheat (up 32% compared to 2010), 16.2 million tonnes of barley (up 1.94 times compared to 2010), 6.2 million tonnes of corn (up two times compared to 2011).



Experts point out that in the terms of the moderate increase of the sowing areas under spring grains, the general grain harvest in 2012 may reach 93.9 million tonnes. In the terms of more substantial increase of winter and spring grain sowing areas and the maximum yield indices, in 2012 Russia can produce 105 million tonnes of grains.

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