November 4, 2008
ADDCON appoints distributor for EU-approved performance enhancer
Press Release

Addcon has announced that the distribution rights for FORMI,  its EU-approved performance enhancer as well as for the other products of the FORMI product range have been given to Sintofarm.


Sintofarm, a supplier to the animal health and feed industry, has worked with FORMI before. As such, Addcon confirmed its strategy for long-term business relationships with its partners and signed a new agreement with Sintofarm.


Dr. Peter Theobald, Addcon's European Sales Manager for feed additives sees great opportunities in Italy. Latest studies have confirmed FORMI's effect on gram-negative bacteria such as salmonella and its growth promoting effects, said Theobald.


Theobald addd that the new FORMI NDF, which will be launched at Eurotier 2008, is designed for the use in poultry diets.


The product range now comprises of 3 products, each optimised for the use in swine, poultry and fish respectively.


Addcon has production sites in Germany and Norway, which formulate organic acids and salts for applications in the feed and food industries as well as in drilling and de-icing. Other than feed additives, Addcon produces also feed preservatives as well as silage additives.
Picture: Dr. Peter Theobald , Dr. Orlando Vischi, DI Bernd Kochannek, Dr. Giovanni Bernardi
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