November 4, 2008


600 US foundation pig stock enter Hunan zhu zhou county


Tangrenshen Group Feed Company has imported 600 heads of top grade SPF (specific pathogen free) pigs from the United States Department of Agriculture as part of an effort to better hog trade between the two countries.


After 45 days of quarantine, these pigs have safely reached the foundation farm of the feed company in zhu zhou county, Hunan. These pigs have several advantages including fast growth, good quality meat, and require only small intakes of feed. The hogs are now reared in specially built stalls of 20 square metres. Tangrenshen Group Feed Company hopes to improve rearing techniques and contribute to Hunan’s hog agricultural industry.


USDA has earlier reported that it proposes to better hog trade with China especially that between Indiana and China.

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