November 3, 2021


Norway's Niels Willickson to support setup of aquaculture cluster in Pohang, South Korea



A Norwegian salmon supplier will provide technical support for an eco-friendly smart aquaculture cluster that will be built in South Korea's southeastern port city of Pohang.


The cluster will be equipped with recycling facilities to purify and reuse water in farming as well as advanced technologies that measure information related to breeding and deliver it to artificial intelligence through communication devices.


Pohang City said it has signed an investment agreement with Niels Willickson, a major salmon aquaculture company in Norway, for its project to build a cluster of test facilities, fish farms, processing facilities and feed factories. Some ₩40 billion (US$34 million) will be spent by 2024 on developing mass farming technology through technical cooperation and scientific and standardised breeding methods.


The cluster will have recycling facilities to purify and reuse water in farming. "We hope that by establishing a practical cooperative system, Atlantic salmon farmed in Pohang will be exported not only to South Korea but also to the world at an early date," said Pohang Mayor Lee Kang-deok.


The project in the city came after the central government unveiled a ₩178.1 billion (US$151 million) state project in October to localise salmon aquafarming techniques and build three aquaculture facilities.


The world's annual production of Atlantic salmon stands at up to 2.6 million tonnes and some 80% has been produced in Norway and Chile. South Korea imports more than 40,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon every year.


- Aju Daily Business