November 3, 2019

BioMar is No. 4 on Seafood Stewardship Index ranking


BioMar Group is also the highest-ranking feed supplier in the first-ever Seafood Stewardship Index from the World Benchmarking Alliances.

BioMar welcomes the benchmarking index for the seafood industry as it gives a non-biased assessment of the operations of aquaculture companies. BioMar is number four on the top 30 list of aquaculture companies giving reassurance that the strategies it has implemented are heading in the right direction.

"The high scores we achieved in the sustainability area reflect our commitment to driving sustainable change in the aquaculture industry. This index also shows us the areas we can improve on and we welcome showcasing the other things we are doing that address the UN Sustainable Goals," said Carlos Diaz, CEO, BioMar Group.

BioMar was this year invited to join the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy where the focus is on how oceans play a critical role in the sustainable future of the planet. Next month Sustainable Brands will hold their debut conference focused on restoring abundance to oceans. The role of aquaculture is of focus at this conference where BioMar has been invited to join the advisory board of the event. At the conference NGOs, retailers and FMCG companies will come together to design the blue-print for our oceans by 2050 and find ways to work together to drive real change.

"Seafood stewardship and sustainability is a continual goal for BioMar that has no end point, but rather we are driven to continually raise the bar on ourselves. This can only be achieved by taking an honest, hard look at ourselves and benchmark analysis like the Seafood Stewardship Index help us do that," concluded Diaz.