November 3, 2011

Thai Feed Weekly: Feed millers seek to import 160,000 tonnes of corn to avert feed crisis (week ended Oct 31)
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Price Summary
Local corn prices continued their rally, leaping by another THB.20/kg this week on dwindling supplies, complicated by logistic problems, with Thailand's flood crisis showing no signs of easing yet.
The price surge has triggered calls from the Thai Feed Mill Association for the government to allow immediate importation of corn to prevent a looming feed supply shortage.
Market analysis
Thailand's corn prices have been on the upsurge in the last three weeks, rising by about 6% since early last month.
While the government has yet to release a flood damage report on the country's corn fields, feed industry leaders expect the crop loss to be substantial. A corn producer in Chiang Mai province says that in Northern Thailand alone, about 1,600 hectares of corn plantations have been inundated.
Estimates are being floated that corn production this year could decline by 20-30% in the aftermath of the severe flooding across the country. Pornsilp Pacharintanakul, president of the feed millers group, expects domestic corn output this year to be one million tonne less.
Pornsilp's association has asked the Ministry of Commerce to allow the immediate importation of at least 160,000 tonnes of corn to alleviate the current shortage and stabilise feed prices.
According to him, feed costs have gone up by 10% during the last few weeks because of increases in raw material prices and transportation costs. Prices of cassava and rice byproducts have also been on the rise since the start of the flooding in September.
Dr. Panya Chotitawan, CEO of Saha Farm, says all aspects of animal production have been adversely affected by the flooding. Due to tight supply in certain raw materials, some feed plants and livestock farms have been making changes to their feed formulations, Dr. Panya adds.

Pornsilp says his group is also asking the Commerce Ministry to allow entry of corn from Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia this year. Some Thai companies contracted farmers in these countries to grow 200,000-240,000 tonnes of corn last year.

However, the Ministry of Commerce, totally prevented importation of corn from other countries, including those from neighbouring countries to protect the local corn farmers.


PRICE as of  October 24
(in Thai baht/kg)

PRICE as of  October 31
(in Thai baht/kg)

(in Thai baht/kg)

Corn (Delivered to feed factory)





2.25 - 2.50

2.25 - 2.50


White Broken Rice A.1 Super (US$/tonne)




White rice bran




Rice bran residue 








Soymeal (imported)




Soymeal (local)




Fishmeal (shrimp grade)




US$1=THB 30.79 (November 3, 2011)



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