November 3, 2011


Ukraine almost completes late grain harvest



Ukraine has almost completed the harvesting campaign of late grains.


The production volumes of agricultural crops essentially exceed last year results by almost all crops, except of rapeseed, which production volumes became the smallest in recent years, declared the Ukrainian Grain Association. The association also informed that the harvest in 2011 is one of the largest in the history of independent Ukraine, but second only to the record harvest in 2008.


In 2011 rapeseed production volumes totalled 1.4 million tonnes as opposed to almost 1.5 million tonnes in 2010. Unfavourable weather conditions like the dry May and rainy June became the main reason of crop losses, and reduction of crop sowing areas by almost 4% to 872.2 thousand ha.


The prospects for the harvest for 2012 are not so perfect. The HydroMeteorological Centre of Ukraine forecasts re-sowing works throughout over 20% of winter crops areas for the harvest in 2012 due to drought conditions in the autumn.


The condition of winter crops sowing areas as of October 27 (Sun) showed that sprouts appeared throughout the areas of 3.9 million ha, or 53% of the sowings, including 2.8 million ha (71%) in good and satisfactory condition, and 1.1 million ha (29%) in weak and thinned state.


As of October 31, 2011, agricultural enterprises sowed winter grains throughout the areas of 7.78 million ha, and winter rapeseed - 913 thousand ha for the harvest in 2012.

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