November 3, 2008


Canada approves new vaccine to reduce spread of E.coli in cattle



Approval has been granted by the Canadian regulator for a new vaccine for cattle, Econiche, which will aid in reducing the risk of food and waterborne contamination from E.coli bacteria.


According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Bioniche Life Sciences, Econiche developer, has submitted information to the agency which demonstrates that the vaccine meets the efficacy and safety requirements in order to obtain full licensing and it can now be used by Canadian cattle producers and veterinarians.


Bioniche has said that Econiche works by preventing the E.coli organism from attaching to the intestines of vaccinated cattle, thus reducing reproduction within them and also helps in the reduction of the amount of bacteria that can be released through cattle manure in the environment.


They added that more than 30,000 cattle have been involved in clinical testing of the vaccine over the past 5 years, and they are working to meet the requirements for a US conditional license for Econiche.


Earlier this year, USDA informed the company that the latest data for their vaccine meets their expectation of efficacy and is eligible for a conditional license, provided that Bioniche develops a plan that collects sufficient data to move the product to full licensure.


US food safety advocate and attorney, William Marler, said that in the last year and a half, the US meat industry has been in a spiral of recalls, with more than 40 million pounds of meat tainted with E.coli being publicly recalled, thereby resulting in consumers being exposed to a completely unacceptable level of contaminated product.

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