November 3, 2008


Lilydale may relocate chicken processing plant

Lilydale will negotiate with city staff to relocate its chicken processing plant from Ramsay in the Canadian province of Alberta, to a new southeast industrial park.


The strategy differs from the overall plan to sell lots at the Great Plains IV industrial park. The land the asset strategy committee has allowed staff to speak to Lilydale until the end of November, giving the company a first look. Any deal would have to meet the reserve price set out.


The plant's current location is supposedly no longer suitable for the operation, as a residential neighbourhood has grown up around it.


Lilydale spokeswoman Connie Smart said she was unaware of any new talks scheduled with the city, but indicated the company may be ready to move its plant.


"We are assessing alternatives and looking at solutions. We recognise that we don't want to be in Ramsay for the long term," said Smart.


Lilydale is in an early stage of the process and it may take some time before a final decision can be reached, Smart added.


Residents in Ramsay have long complained about the odour given out from the processing plant, as well as finding chicken parts on their properties. The community association has also recently threatened to take legal action against Lilydale.

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