November 3, 2008


USTR seeks feedback on changes in EU's products


The US Trade Representative is considering making changes to a list of European products subject to increased tariffs and officials want the public's feedback.


In a news release on Friday, 31 October 2008, the USTR said it is seeking the public's opinion on possible revision to the list of European products subject to increased tariffs in relation with the World Trade Organization dispute settlement rulings in the EU – Beef Hormones dispute.


Any modification could involve the products, the level of increased duties or the EU member states whose products are subject to the duties, said the release.


The WTO found over 10 years ago that the EU's ban on US beef (due to the use of growth-promoting hormones) was not supported by science and was therefore inconsistent with WTO rules.


When the EU failed to bring its measures into compliance with its WTO obligations, the US imposed tariffs on certain imports from the EU, as authorized by the WTO.

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