November 3, 2008


Ukraine's grain exports fall in October

Ukraine's grain exports during October declined nearly 1 million tonnes from September despite grain elevators being 55 percent full on average.


In October, Ukraine exported 1.81 million tonnes of grain, down from 2.78 million tonnes shipped in September. The fall in exports was attributed to decreasing world grain and oilseed prices.


For 2008-09, Ukraine has exported 4.45 million tonnes of wheat, 3.52 million tonnes of barley, 1.52 million tonnes of rapeseed; and 464,000 tonnes of corn.


As of October 29, Ukraine has also harvested 50.6 million tonnes of grain and legumes. About 651,500 tonnes of soy were harvested.


Ukrainian companies are on target to build nearly 1.7 million tonnes of storage capacity in 2008, according to Ivan Demchak, deputy minister of agrarian policy.

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