November 2, 2023


Canada establishes national framework to combat ASF



The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has unveiled the National Standards and a National Framework to provide guidance to the swine industry in the event of an African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in the country, in support of the Canadian ASF Compartment Programme, The Mirage reported.


This involves the creation of distinct sub-populations of swine that adhere to shared biosecurity management, surveillance, and traceability measures, as outlined in the standards and framework. These compartments are established before an outbreak occurs and are designed to enable the export of products even if they originate from within an infected zone.


The Canadian ASF Compartment Programme is comprised of three essential components: National Standards, National Framework, and the Compartment Operator Program. The Canadian government is responsible for setting the Standards and Framework for ASF compartments within the country. The Canadian Pork Council will be responsible for developing the Compartment Operator Program, with compartments being established and managed by the industry. The CFIA will provide approval and oversight.


-      The Mirage

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