November 2, 2016

I-Flush hygiene solution for automated flushing of poultry drinking systems




Impex Barneveld BV has developed a hygiene programme that provides livestock with clean and fresh drinking water in the required amount.


The I-Flush total hygiene solution can automatically flush the drinking system, based on given information from within the drinking lines and preset programmes. With a flush computer, pressure regulator and several sensors, the system can work fully automatically, without manual actions from the poultry farmer. 


Optimal hygiene is important in the poultry house and drinking water is herewith an important key. The I-Flush total hygiene solution consists of the I-Control flush computer, I-Flow pressure regulator, temperature sensor and biofilm sensor. The temperature sensor and biofilm sensor measure the temperature and biofilm up-built within the drinking lines and send this information to the I-Control flush computer. When the sensors measure abnormalities or when the regular flushing time has arrived, the flush computer sends a signal to the I-Flow pressure regulator to begin flushing. Through the build-in solenoid valve on which the actuator is mounted, this process is fully automated. This way, the flushing programme can be optimally used.


The system is unique due to the possibility of automated flush based on deviations in the pre-set temperature and the amount of dirt in the drinking system. There are also pre-programmed flushing tables and the option to program a user's own flushing preferences. As the flushing mechanism is built inside the pressure regulator, the flushing will work optimally and all other elements of the pressure regulator maintain their original purpose. The combination of these features are unique and new on the market, Impex Barneveld says.

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