November 2, 2011


Brazil shows interest in Indonesian poultry cooperation


Paulo Soares, ambassador of the Brazilian embassy in Indonesia, has indicated Brazil's interest in cooperating with Indonesia in the poultry sector at the recent Indonesian chicken and egg festival in Jakarta.


"Our interest is to share our knowledge and technology expertise in poultry such as breeding and genetics, farming and processing. We want to let poultry integrators in Brazil come to Indonesia to share their knowledge to Indonesian poultry farmers. Through this cooperation, Indonesia can increase production on a large scale and improve the quality as well," said Soares.


Soares also stated the Brazilian interest to invest in Indonesia. "We can make a joint-venture in poultry industry here. Indonesia and Brazil can reach other markets such as China and India. But this idea is not going to happen by tomorrow, maybe it takes time, five to 10 years. It is because we don't know each other. We have to sit down together, government and private sector, to discuss about what Indonesia expects from Brazil and what Brazil can offer to Indonesia," he explained.


Director General of Livestock and Animal Health of Agriculture Ministry, Prabowo Caturroso, who also joined the discussion gave his response separately regarding the interest of Brazil. "If Brazil wants to share their knowledge and technology, that is good and we will accept it. But if Brazil wants to export their broiler carcasses to Indonesia, it should not be. Because Indonesia is already self-sufficient in poultry," he responded.

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