November 2, 2011


Agro-Belogorie to expand production capacity


Agro-Belogorie sees a production capacity of approximately 6.2 thousand tonnes per year in each complex.  


"The original business plan assumed the construction of five pig farms with capacity of 12 tonnes of pork a year each, but the project has undergone some technical changes," said representatives of the company.


Agro-Belogorie is presently operating 12 pig complexes. Five of the 10 new projects will be put into operation in 2012 already; its construction began last spring.


Construction of new facilities will take place in parallel with the upgrading of technological base at the existing complexes. According to expert forecasts for 2013, the total operating capacity of Agro Belogorie can grow to 200 thousand tonnes per year, which will bring the company's share in total Russian pork market to 8% from 6.5% in 2010 and 2011. 


Just recently, the holding reported on key performance indicators. In the first nine months of 2011, the growth rate of sales of pork in live weight was 6% - up to 77 thousand tonnes.


"All main performance indicators showed a positive trend," said the press service of the company. The total number of pigs in increased beyond 16 000 heads or 619 thousand heads to be exact. Average daily gain in the herd has increased by 6.3% while mortality of pigs decreased by 19%.

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