November 1, 2016


Phosphea in the spotlight at Vietstock 2016





On October 19-21, Phosphea's Vietnamese team, supported by Asia-Pacific product manager Hélène Briand and Asia business head Alexis Passama, were present at Vietstock 2016.


With 9,000 visitors - 23% bigger than the last edition, Vietstock 2016 was the right place to officially launch PHOSPHEA, the company said. 


Vietstock, good opportunity to spread Phosphea's new brand name


For three days, feed-millers, premixers and distributors visited Phosphea's booth, with most coming from Vietnam as well as Malaysian and Cambodian companies. Visitors were purchasers, formulators and nutritionists who sought customised technical support from Phosphea. 


Vietstock was also a good opportunity to officially launch in Vietnam their innovative feed phosphates named Neophos®. With more than 60 attendees in a conference room, Hélène Briand introduced the dietary electrolyte balance concept and the Neophos® as a mineral solution for pig and poultry under hot climate conditions. At the end of the presentation, a quiz was conducted on the topic. A gastronomic French diner was offered to the winner. The topic and gifts were well-received by attendees.


The event reflected perfectly two main pillars of Phosphea: customer proximity and technical expertise, Phosphea said. Phosphea's next "Rendez-vous" will be their appearance at VIV 2017.


Hélène Briand (Asia-Pacific product manager, left), Truong Ba Luong (business development manager for North Vietnam and Cambodia, middle) discussing with a customer
   Phosphea's technical conference on October 19 in
   Vietstock, Ho Chi Minh City

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