November 1, 2016

Meyn's shackle stabilisation system enables effective veterinary inspections

Meyn's new shackle stabilisation system responds to the need for a stable positioning of birds during veterinary inspections, particularly at higher line speeds.


In doing so, it further increases the effectiveness of Meyn's successful range of pan conveyors in combination with line dividing systems, which are designed for different regulatory requirements worldwide.


"Animal welfare and quality are central to poultry processing, and veterinary inspections are essential if the industry is to maintain the trust of consumers," said Pete van Poorten, product manager for the evisceration portfolio within Meyn. "Combined with our pan conveyors and line dividers, the new shackle stabilisation system helps inspectors to examine and assess chickens and chicken parts more easily and accurately than ever before."


The system was developed in close collaboration with the Dutch government authority Nederlandse Voedsel - en Warenautoriteit (NVWA). Meyn meets with NVWA on a regular basis to discuss inspection requirements and animal welfare.


Crucially, the shackle stabilization system works with all Meyn's pan conveyor solutions, which synchronise the transport of eviscerated giblets with the eviscerated birds.

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