November 1, 2016

Hypor: Magnus duroc pig brings greater Profit Margin than Genesus Duroc


The Hypor Magnus duroc brought in $5.56 more per head than the Genesus duroc specifically in feed efficiency and growth in a recent trial at Hickory Ridge Research that compared wean-to-finish performance and carcass value, Hypor reported.


"The trial results validate what we've seen in the past," Hypor Americas product manager Greg Simpson said. "The Hypor Magnus performs better at heavier weights and has a higher carcass value than the Genesus Duroc."


The Hypor Magnus had an average daily gain of 0.926 kg (2.04 lb.) at finishing. The Genesus duroc had an average daily gain of 0.900 kg (1.98 lb.) at finishing.


"Normally, what we see in trials is that the Genesus pigs grow at similar rates at the beginning of the growing period as the Hypor Magnus," Simpson explained. "It's at weights of 120 kg (265 lb.) and higher that we see the Hypor Magnus grow and convert significantly better." The average weight for market pigs in North America is between 125 and 145 kg (265 to 320 lb.).


"Meat packers in North America want heavy pigs that are lean, and the producers want heavy pigs that are feed efficient," Simpson added. "The Hypor Magnus is developed to meet both of their demands."


The Hypor Magnus had a lower average daily feed intake and significantly better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) during each phase of the trial (e.g. wean to finish). Trial results show the Hypor Magnus had a 0.15 better FCR at equalised weights at close-out, which equates at todays' input prices to $5.56 per head more than the Genesus duroc. Additionally, when the carcass value of the pigs was compared, the Hypor Magnus brought in $2.71 more per carcass than the Genesus duroc.


"The Hypor Magnus carcasses were significantly leaner and had more muscle," Simpson highlighted. Trial results show that the Hypor Magnus had a 57.1% US lean percentage compared to the Genesus duroc's 55.1% US lean percentage.


"These results are very consistent with what we've seen in previous trials," Simpson said. This is the second trial in 2016 that compares the Hypor Magnus with leading boars in North America, and the second completed trial that compares the Hypor Magnus to the Genesus duroc.


"Hypor contracts farms, such as Hickory Ridge Research, to conduct trials to see how our genetics compare with the competition and where we can improve," Simpson commented. "These results show us that the Hypor Magnus is well positioned for the North American market."


- Hypor

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