November 1, 2016

Hypor, Hyvar Select reach agreement to better serve Belgium pork producers


In a move forward that will increase genetic progress in Belgium, Hyvar Select is transitioning Hypor's parent stock business back to Hypor.


Starting in September 2016, Hypor  will take over the contract production and current customer base and focus on expanding swine genetics in Belgium. Hyvar Select, Hypor's exclusive distributor for Belgium since 2012, will continue to handle the logistics and product transportation to customers and will continue as a multiplier of the Hypor Libra Star.


"This transition is a good move for all of us," Hypor's managing director Raf Beeren said. He adds that the transition will not affect the current employees at Hyvar Select. "The breeders and advisors that customers have been working with at Hyvar Select will not change. This is a positive move that benefits everyone involved."


The transition allows Hypor to invest more in the Belgium swine industry to help pork producers make faster genetic improvements on their farms.


Hyvar Select owner Kris Lauwerysen commented that the mutual agreement to move the parent stock business back to Hypor is based on his inability to serve the swine industry in the future. "In order to better serve my customers, I need to be growing my distribution service and be investing in genetics to keep up with the changing industry," Lauwerysen explained. He added that without a successor in the family to take over Hyvar Select, he is unable to fully invest in the future of his company. "This transition ensures that Hypor will maintain the momentum to advance swine genetics. "


"Because of the future of the swine industry, we're making this change early on to ensure the long-term sustainability to provide quality products and services to our customers," Beeren remarked. "It's critical that we give our customers the best genetics that will help them earn a few more euros. That means that we are always looking ahead at how we can improve our genetics."


Hypor believes the key to better serving pork producers is by balancing good genetics with strong partnerships that in turn benefit the entire pork production chain. Hypor's genetics are developed to give producers a quality product that brings in a high dollar for a low cost.


"We arm our company with the best people in every area from geneticists to researchers to company partnerships," Beeren said. "Our partnership with Hyvar Select is one example of how we are able to make a transition that benefits everyone involved and that creates more opportunities for the entire industry."  


- Hypor

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