November 1, 2011


China proposes new law to ensure grain security


China is set to introduce grain law in a bid to safeguard the country's grain security, according to the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), or China's top legislature.


National Development and Reform Commission and State Administration of Grain are now preparing a draft bill, which will be submitted to the State Council, or China's Cabinet, for review in a near future, according to a report by the committee, which was adopted Saturday (Oct 29) by the NPC Standing Committee during a bimonthly session.


According to the report, the committee has proposed that the prospective grain law should stress efforts to improve China's grain production capability, to protect farmland resources and to legalise policies favourable for agriculture and farmers.


Furthermore, the committee also proposed that efforts to clarify government duty on guarding grain security, to improve national grain reserve system and to prevent foreign capital from undermining national grain security should be highlighted in the new law.

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