November 1, 2011


Kazakhstan's grain collection reaches 29.5 million tonnes



As of October 31, Kazakhstan's grain collection has reached 29.5 million tonnes, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.


Earlier, Kazakh Deputy Minister of Agriculture Marat Tolibaev said that Kazakhstan plans to export roughly 15 million tonnes of 2011's grain harvest to foreign markets. Kazakhstan over fulfilled its target by collecting more than 29 million tonnes of grain, a record harvest for years of independence. Due to the record harvest, Kazakhstan is seeking for additional markets for its grain and considering possibility for exporting grain to the African and European countries.


According to the Food Contract Corporation of Kazakhstan, eight million tonnes of the grain harvest will be used for domestic consumption, six million tonnes for traditional markets (Central Asia, Iran, Azerbaijan and other neighbouring countries), while five million tonnes will be bought by Food Corporation to stabilise the market. The rest of the grain will be exported to new markets.

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