October 31, 2011


Bershadmoloko Dairy raises Q3 output by 3%



The Bershadmoloko milk processing firm (Floryne village, Bershad district, Vinnytsia region) raised the output by 3.04% or by 578 tonnes in July-September against the same period of 2010, to 19,594 tonnes, according to the dairy's representative.


As compared with April-June, Bershadmoloko cut the output by 1.81% or 361 tonnes.


In particular, Bershadmoloko increased the production of whole milk products by 2.91% or by 475 tonnes in the third quarter against the third quarter of 2010, to 16,774 tonnes, milk powder by 6.77% or 121 tonnes to 1,907 tonnes, and butter by 12.22% or 76 tonnes to 698 tonnes.


The output growth is connected with a rise in supplies of raw materials, the representative of the plant said.


In January-September, Bershadmoloko produced 54,414 tonnes of dairy products, that is by 0.46% or 249 tonnes more than in the same period of 2010.


Bershadmoloko reduced output by 9.48% or by 2,090 tonnes in April-June against April-June 2010, to 19,955 tonnes.


The Bershadmoloko milk processing enterprise finished 2010 with a net profit of UAH43.599 million (US$5.45 million), having trimmed its net revenue by 6.38% or 4,836 tonnes to 70,975 tonnes, as compared with 2009.


Roshen corporation (Kyiv) owns 86.02% of the shares in the Bershadmoloko public joint stock company, and the Central European Confectionary Company (Kyiv) owns 10.62% of the shares.


The Central European Confectionary Company is linked to the Kyiv-based Ukrainian Industrial and Investment Concern (Ukrprominvest).


Roshen is a subsidiary of Ukrprominvest.

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