October 31, 2011


Norel appoints new distributor in Nepal

Press Release


Norel Animal Nutrition announced that Veterinary Concern, based in Kathmandu, has started distributing its products for Nepal's poultry market.


Tarun Raj Onta, Director of Veterinary Concern explained that the company started the distribution of DSM vitamin premixes in the Nepalese market 17 years ago. At that time, the company was managed by his father. Today, Veterinary Concern continues distributing DSM vitamin premixes, as well as supplying injectables for ruminants, and herbal products.


Onta is also convinced that quality nutritional feed additives are needed in Nepal's poultry industry and is pleased to be associated with Norel Animal Nutrition to bring innovative feed additives which will help to improve the production of livestock in Nepal's market. The customers of Veterinary Concern are commercial broiler, layer, fish, and shrimp farms, breeder farms and hatcheries, as well as feedmills producing livestock, poultry and aquaculture feeds.
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