October 31, 2011


Russian grain exports may decrease in November and December



Russia's grain exports may reduce to three million tonnes in October and the trend might possibly continue in November and December, according to Igor Pavensky, Head of the department for market analysis of CJSC Rusagrotrans.


According to Pavensky, the reduction of grain deliveries abroad in October can be attributed to the decrease of grain exports of small ports due to reduced demand and low prices. Besides, grain shipment through the port of Novorossiysk was often restrained due to bad weather conditions.


He forecasts that in November and December of 2011 grain exports may fall to the level of 2.5-2.8 million tonnes per month, due to reducing of activity of the small ports.


Pavensky also stated that, after nearly one month break, Egypt purchased 120 thousand tonnes of Russian wheat for delivery in early December. The purchasing volume was the lowest one during recent two months, which can be attributed to accumulation of large scale stocks of grains in the country.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, since July Russia exported nearly 12 million tonnes of grains. The Government of the Russian Federation may impose limitations on grain exports when its volume reaches 24-25 million tonnes.

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