October 31, 2011


USSEC promotes the benefits of using soy in aquaculture feed



US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) launched a revamped website to communicate the advantages of soy in aquaculture feeds to the consumers and the world seafood industry.


The new website, partially funded by the United Soybean Board (USB) and Soybean Checkoff shows how US soy farmers and the US soy industry help make aquaculture more sustainable around the world with soy based feeds, as an alternative to wild caught fishmeal and fish oil.


Representatives of the global aquaculture sector will find information at its website about soy products available for aqua feeds, feeding demonstration reports, and technical information and research results.


The website also serves as a resource for consumers, chefs and retailers to learn why soy fed fish are a healthful, sustainable, and environmentally sound solution to the growing global demand for nutritious seafood.


With an increasing global demand for seafood and a dwindling supply of wild caught fish used for fish feed, the aquaculture sector needs alternative sources of protein.


Checkoff funded research shows soy based feeds are rich in the proteins and nutrients that grow fish safely and efficiently, without adversely affecting taste and quality.


Soy based feeds reduce pressure on the available supply of wild caught fish at the bottom of the ocean food chain, and at the top of the ocean food chain by increasing the supply of healthy, sustainable farm raised fish and seafood for human consumption.

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