October 31, 2008


China grains sufficient for peasants


China sets aside grain reserves for peasants, amounting to approximately two years of consumption.


The consumption of grains is about 510 billion kilogrammes in the nation. Except soy, the supply of wheat, paddy, and corn is enough in the domestic market.


The output of grains in China reaches 501.5 billion kilogrammes in 2007, adding over 70 billion kilograms more than in 2003 and including the output of wheat, paddy, and corn of 450 billion in total, cited a local report on Tuesday, October 28 2008.


The national grains reserves are able to reach 150 to 200 million tonnes last year, one time higher than average reserve level in the world, and the domestic grains stocks-to-use ratio is higher than the international safety level of 17 to 18 percent.


Per capita grains reserve for peasants in the nation is about 500 kilogrammes, equivalent to the consumption for two years, said Li Guoxiang, a researcher at the rural development research institute at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.