October 31, 2008


Ukraine grain export slow in October on falling world prices



Ukraine exported 8.468 million tonnes of grain between the beginning of the current marketing year July 1 and October 29, and the export in the first 28 days of October was 1.814 million tonnes compared with the 2.78 million tonnes exported in September, signifying a slow down in the pace of grain export, the agriculture ministry reported Thursday (October 30).


The ministry said the slowing pace of grain export was due to falling prices on the world market.


The total figure of grain exported to Oct. 29 comprises 4.448 million tonnes of wheat, 3.524 million tonnes of barley, 464,000 tonnes of corn and 30,000 tonnes of other grains.


The ministry also said rape seed export to date was 1.523 million tonnes.


The agriculture ministry said earlier Ukraine planned to export 13 million tonnes of grain before the end of this year and a total of 22 million tonnes in the whole of the 2008-2009 marketing year.


In the 2007-2008 marketing year Ukraine only exported 3.6 million tonnes of grain because of a low harvest and restrictions on exports imposed by the government.


The ministry expects grain harvest this year at 48.7 million tonnes in clean weight compared with 29.3 million tonnes in 2007.