October 31, 2008
Delacon's feed nutrient seminar a success in VIV China
Press Release

In conjunction with the recent VIV-China, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH has successfully organised and conducted the Feed Nutrient Optimisation Seminar, which took place at the Marco Polo Parkside, Beijing, on October 20, 2008.


The seminar was conducted in collaboration with Schorthost Feed Research utilising the vast feeding experience from Dr. Jan Dirk van de Klis, PhD, through Prof. Lin Chung-chih, a private feed consultant with vast practical experience in Taiwan and Dr. Joerg Brettscheider, PhD, representing Delacon.


The essence of the seminar touches upon aspects of ingredients and feed nutrients in poultry nutrition. It emphasised on the utilisation of proper feeding materials – ingredients and additives, in optimising performance and to reduce cost or prevent wastage.


During a period of high raw material cost, the seminar topics attracted the attention of more than 50 professionals from the Asian feed industry which made up of countries from Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.
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