October 30, 2013


Pakistan's fish exports rise 34.34% in three months


During the first three months of the current fiscal year, Pakistan's fish exports increased by 34.34% against the corresponding period of 2012.


In July-September (2013-14), the overall exports of fish were recorded at US$85.2 million against the exports of US$63.422 million during July-September (2012-13), according to the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).


During the period under review, as much as 36,273 tonnes of fish were exported, as compared to 27,174 tonnes during 2012. The figure shows an increase of 33.48%.


Seafood exports increased by 33.09%, at US$41.891 million, in September 2013 when compared to exports which reach US$31.475 million in September 2012, the PBS data revealed.


The exports of fish on-month increased by 79.59%, a rise from US$23.326 million in August 2012 to US$41.891 million in the same period of 2013. Overall food exports increased by 10.84% during the period under review, from US$909.197 million last year to US$1.007 billion in 2013.


In September 2013, food exports increased by 12.26% on-year and 10.77% on-month, according to the PBS data. The total food and non-food exports from the country increased from US$6.144 billion in July-September (2012-13) to US$6.712 billion during July-September (2013-14).


During the first three months of the current fiscal year, the imports into the country were recorded at US$11.177 billion against the imports of US$10.853 billion during the corresponding months of last year.


According to the data, trade deficit during July-September (2013-14) was recorded at US$4.465 billion against the deficit of US$4.708 billion in July-September (2012-13), a negative growth of 5.15%.