October 29, 2019


Brazil seeks more approvals for local meat exporters prior to Chinese President's visit


Brazil is holding into hopes that China will approve more Brazilian meat exporters prior to a November state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Reuters reported.

These approval could materialise "in the few days that separate a visit by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to China from the visit of the Chinese president to Brazil," said Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina Dias in a video posted on Twitter on October 24.

Just last month, China has permitted 25 Brazilian meatpacking plants to export to the country. Chinese demand "is huge," according to Dias, but this is likely due to the impact of the African swine fever outbreak in the country on Chinese meat supply.

Discussions between a Brazilian delegation to China and local authorities last week also covered demand for Brazilian commodities like sugar, cotton and ethanol, Dias said at the end of her second visit to China this year.

While Dias described "advances" in talks initiated in May, more negotiation is required for the sale of Brazilian soymeal to China, as technical discussions involving officials from both countries are still underway.

Brazil is China's key soybean supplier but has struggled to increase trade in soymeal with the Asian country. Last year, Brazil exported 68.9 million tonnes of soybeans to China and only 90,000 tonnes of soymeal, according to government data.

After being in China for almost a week, Dias said the two nations are still discussing "a protocol" for exporting Brazilian soy and cotton meal. For soymeal, which is used as animal feed, access will be a "more complicated" achievement, she said on Twitter.

- Reuters