October 29, 2008


Russia expecting record grain harvest; plans sales to China

Russia is expected to exceed 100 million tonnes of grains and plans to develop Asian markets with China as its top export destination.


This year's crop is expected to exceed 100 million tonnes in net weight, said Gordeyev.


"Domestic demand for food grain and animal feed will be completely met as a result, and possible exports are estimated at 20 million tonnes," Gordeyev said.


There are good prospects for exporting grain to China, but Russia is not yet on China's import list, which is traditionally dominated by the US, Canada and Australia, said Gordeyev.


China imports about 6 million tonnes of grain annually, he said, adding that Russia plans to develop the eastern markets for grain exports, which could lead to Siberia using fallow lands to increase its output.


Russia's agricultural output increased 6.5 percent during the Jan-Sept period of 2008, seeing a 9-percent growth for crops and 4 percent for livestock.