October 29, 2008
VIV China 2008: Coping with challenges while aiming for higher achievements
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The VIV China 2008 officially kicked off on October 20 at the China International Exhibition New Center in Beijing. The much anticipated event was made possible by the China Husbandry Union and Zhongmin International Economy Corp, and was organized by VNU Exhibitions Europe BV and Beijing Tech Convention and Exhibition Center.
VIV China 2008 is the fifth exhibition among international-level husbandry conferences held in China. It was graced by Chinese agriculture officers and international experts including Gao Hongbin, deputy minister of Agriculture Ministry; Liu Zhenguo, chairman of China Dairy Association; Zhang Yanxi, deputy chairman of China Feed Industry Association; Yu Kangzhen, director of Husbandry Sector of Agriculture Department; Gu Jicheng, secretary of China Feed Industry Association; He Xintian, deputy secretary of China Feed Industry Association; Zhen Youming, deputy chairman of China Husbandry Union; Mr. Ton Otten, CFO of VNU Exhibition Group, Gerard Leeuwenburgh, business unit manager.
Officials at the opening ceremony of VIV China 2008
This year, more than 446 feed professionals and executives from China, Holland, South Korea, France and Italy participated in the event, with 312 booths showcasing the latest industry developments to all of the exhibition's visitors.

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VIV China 2008 boasts of a total exhibition area of 20,000 sqm, the biggest compared with the previous years. The net exhibition area was 12,436 sqm, with Chinese companies occupying 8,821 sqm and international companies covering 2,615sqm.
The trade show focused on feed and feed additives; new instruments and various equipment including electric, IT controller, breeding, deep-processing and storage of livestock, hay processing and testing equipment, veterinary medicine manufacturing and environment-friendly manufacturing and testing instruments.
More than 40 industry experts highlighted the feed industry's key issues and development strategies through seminars and presentations during the exhibit.   
VIV China 2008 not only gathered key figures in the feed and livestock industry, but it has also updated all participants with the most recent high-technology products, which are substantial to the development of China's and the global feed and livestock industries.
This year's exhibition has been a resounding success, providing a rich platform for industry players to convene and strengthen opportunities in the livestock sectors across the globe.
Novus 2008 layer poultry international seminar,
held in Jiuhua Shanzhuang


CJ (China) at VIV China 2008
Danisco at VIV China 2008
Stork Food Systems at VIV China 2008
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