Meyn's Rapid Plus M4.2 was recently voted the number one food processing machine at the 18th China International Meat Industry Exhibition 2020 (CIMIE 2020).

The event was organised by the China Meat Association (CMA) and the International Meat Secretariat (IMS).

With 5,680 votes, Meyn beat 99 other food processing innovations nominated in the same category.

According to Meyn, the Rapid Plus M4.2 is the only poultry deboning solution available that can harvest all fillet and tender products automatically from both breast caps and front halves at a high speed of 7,000bph. This provides a processor the opportunity to harvest up to 21 different end-products with the highest yield in the market.

In combination with the optional semi-automatic loading carousel (SAL) module, the Meyn Rapid Plus M4.2 improves ergonomics and enables processors to save even more labor by up to 34FTE per shift. Additionally, the SAL module makes the loading performance less dependent on the experience and skills of operators, leading to a more consistent input and, hence, a higher quality output.

The high amount of labour-saving and flexibility of the deboning solution makes the Meyn Rapid Plus 4.2 the most successful solution within the poultry processing industry in China, Meyn said.

During the past 18 months, 25 Rapid Plus M4.2 solutions have been sold to top Chinese poultry processors including Fujian Sunner, Beipiao Hongfa and Shandong Fengxiang. Xiantan and Shuanghui have also since followed suit by adopting the application.

During more than 60 years of its existence, Meyn has continuously developed processing solutions to support and improve operations within the poultry processing industry.

"The flexibility and modular design of our solutions create the perfect fit for every large poultry processor throughout China and beyond," said Lin Yang, general manager of Meyn China.

Olivier Roelfs, Meyn's APAC sales director, said: "It's this same, exact flexibility and modular design that makes the Meyn Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2 a roaring success in China."

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