Views & Quotes:
  •   Time for a new approach to the world milk price?     
Success Story:
  •   Nuke-based technologies boost Myanmar dairy production                                 
Dairy Insight:
  • Strategies to increase domestic milk production
Dairy Diary:
  • Ireland assesses live cattle export opportunities 

  • New survey focuses on American dairy sector

  • Supply crunch sends dairy prices sky high, Rabobank reports
Dairy Management:
  • Things to know before starting your own dairy farm
Focus Technical:
  •  Cattle Nutrition: Feeding and housing systems and disease incidence in dairy calves  

  •  Phosphea: Back to basics with mineral solutions-

Industry Updates:
  • Mengniu offers to buy out modern dairy for US$826m

  • Lallemand unveils new study on dairy production

  • Polish dairy firm to build new US$95m plant

  • Trouw Nutrition’s LifeStart benefits of enhanced neonatal milk feeding revealed at EuroTier

  • Nukamel, Phibro to sell OmniGen-AF® in milk replacers

  • AB Neo challenges traditional weaning ideas

  • Bayer's novel immunostimulant helps cut deaths in feedlot cattle

  • GEA unveils new technologies for the dairy industry
Industry Appointments:
  • Two named to Diamond V's ruminant team

  •  New Fonterra communications chief
New Products
  • Diamond V launches NutriTek for

  • Trouw Nutrition introduces fortified calf milk replacer
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