October 28, 2016

Kemin hosts swine technical seminar, LYSOFORTE™ event in Southeast Asia


Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health Asia Pacific organised a swine technical seminar and LYSOFORTE™ roadshow for swine customers in cooperation with local distributors in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


Dr. Yoo Yong Kim, a renowned professor from Seoul National University in South Korea, presented new insights in sow and piglet nutrition and management. He emphasised the importance of controlling body weight and body fats of healthy sows. He also said that desirable weaning age would be between 28 and 30 days of age to support the sow's reproductive longevity.


Based on expertise and experience from managing his own 500 sow-level farm, Dr. Kim reiterated that a batching system be adapted in mating, farrowing and weaning so as to better monitor the performance of the pigs. He further said that "all-in, all-out" production strategy wherein animals were transferred to and from facilities in distinct groups, would be a good add-on to bio-security and as a means to control the spread of diseases.   


Moreover, Dr. Kim shared the importance of optimising the raw materials used in pig diets. He shared the benefits of NSP enzymes and bio-emulsifiers in helping to manage feed costs through their energy sparing effect. Based on his cost calculation, he noted that he could save more than 10% of the total feed cost or 100 kcal/kg of ME by incorporating bio-emulsifiers.


Overall, his tips on managing the sows and piglets were to provide better environment, well-balanced and optimised diets, and a good biosecurity programme. They, in turn, helped achieved a sustainable and profitable swine operation.   


Kemin shared research updates on its leading bio-emulsifiers, LYSOFORTE™. LYSOFORTE™ saves feed cost by enhancing feed digestibility and improving growth performance, the company said.


Dr. Sugumar and Esperida, experts on lipid nutrition, presented the updates on LYSOFORTE™.  They demonstrated that LYSOFORTE™ improved fat and oil digestibility by more than 10% and boosted the digestibility of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. LYSOFORTE™ can spare dietary fat up to 1% in swine diets and lowers feed costs by 10% through more efficient use of nutrients.


LYSOFORTE™ is a powerful bio-emulsifiers that enhances fat emulsification action of bile salts in the gut and improves nutrient transport through better micelle formation. Poor fat digestibility is the common problem in piglets and LYSOFORTE™ helps to digest and assimilate fat and thereby lowers fat excretion in feces and improves fecal texture. Moreover, LYSOFORTE™ helps reproductive animals to maintain their backfat reserves and produce higher litter weight at weaning.


- Kemin