October 28, 2015


DuPont to hold webinar on poultry gut health





The animal nutrition division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences is running a webinar to help poultry producers distinguish between myths and evidence-based facts regarding feed additive alternatives and their impact on healthy bird performance.


The webinar, which will feature recent PSA award winner, Mingan Choct, chief executive officer of Poultry Cooperative Research Centre and professor at the University of New England, and Beth Galbraith, senior group manager and site leader, BioControl Technology at DuPont, will cover the following points:

The factors that directly and indirectly impact poultry gut health, particularly in an environment of reduced in-feed antibiotics. The webinar will discuss what achieving gut health actually means to the producer and how findings in humans and rats may have implications for poultry producers.

Common misconceptions about the mode of action of in-feed antibiotics and how feed additives such as feed enzymes, probiotics and essential oils can be used to proactively support gut health, including evidence from countries with no in-feed antibiotics and from regions where antibiotics are still used.

The important role gut sampling can play in tackling poultry gut health.


Alastair Thomas, business development manager for poultry gut health solutions at Danisco Animal Nutrition said, "Research has shown the significant role that nutrition can play in improving gut health, and thereby positively impacting growth performance and liveability, especially where AGP usage needs to be reduced. We aim to share that research with the webinar attendees so they can begin to separate fact from fiction and understand how achieving animal gut health can positively impact their profitability."

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