October 28, 2011


Russia to offer grain exports limitations to Belarus, Kazakhstan


Russia will offer  Belarus and Kazakhstan to impose limitations on grain exports, said Sergei Sukhov, director of the department of agricultural and food market regulation and infrastructure development of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, on Wednesday (Oct 26).


The mechanism of imposition of the customs duties under the Customs Union is given to the level of separate states, but Russia will also offer to Belarus and Kazakhstan to impose such limitations, said Sukhov. As a reminder, Russia may impose limitations on exports of grains, if the grain export volumes reach the level of 24-25 million tonnes. To date, the country exported nearly 12 million tonnes of grains. It is assumed that the mechanism of grain export limitations to be ready by early December 2011.


According to Sukhov, in the terms of grain production volumes of 90 million tonnes in clean weight, the carry-over stocks of grains in Russia as of July 1, 2012, may reach the level of 16 million tonnes.

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