October 28, 2011


California-based Niman Ranch expands to Northeast


Niman Ranch in Alameda, California, announced the expansion of its sustainable hog production to include new farmers and a processing facility in the Northeast.


The Leidy's division of ALL Holding Co. will process hogs from farmers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia and New York who follow Niman Ranch protocols, a company spokeswoman told Meatingplace.


The company predicted that by the end of the year, 20 new hog farmers across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia and New York will be added to its existing network of more than 675 independent US family farmers and ranchers.


Niman Ranch markets its products on the premise that humane animal treatment is a top priority and a foundation on which the company was built and decisions are made. The company's hog raising protocols include raising hogs outdoors or in deeply bedded pens, maintaining a vegetarian diet and using genetics well suited to an outdoor environment and exceptional mothering abilities.


The company said it chose its processing partner (Leidy's) in part because it uses the low-stress, carbon-dioxide stunning system.


"It took well over a year to find hog farmers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia and New York to raise animals to Niman Ranch's strict standards and to locate a processing facility that treated the animals humanely," said Jeff Swain, Niman Ranch chief executive officer. "We look forward to adding more family farmers to the East Coast Niman Ranch network."


In an effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint and to provide sustainable choices in the region, Niman Ranch plans to distribute all pork grown in Pennsylvania to customers in the East Coast distribution network beginning this week.

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