October 28, 2008


US pork council wants Mexican pig industry review prioritised

After meetings with Mexican government officials on market access issues, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) urged the US government to make a top priority completion of risk assessments for Classical Swine Fever in a number of Mexican states.


Mexican officials raised concerns on mutual market access to the US pork market as some Mexican states have yet to be declared disease-free by the USDA, with Mexico stating that the states are free of Classical Swine Fever.


USDA has cleared a number of Mexican states and is conducting risk assessments on eight others that have pork operations.


Aside from urging USDA to make completion of its risk assessments for the remaining Mexican states a top priority, NPPC is also asking the agency to step up on its rule-making process to allow Mexican pork imports once the risk assessments are completed, according to NPPC president Bryan Black.


Mexico is the third largest market for US pork, importing nearly US$450 million worth of pork in 2007. From January-August this year, Mexico had imported US$417 million worth of US pork.