October 28, 2008


Montana launches certified natural beef program


The state of Montana on Wednesday, 22 October 2008 announced the launch of the Montana Certified Natural Beef Cattle Programme, designed to help producers promote beef raised in the state as a Montana- grown, certified-natural product.


Montana Gov. Brain Schweitzer said Montana cattle are raised in a healthy and natural environment. This programme help facilitate producers in having the opportunity to market their cattle with little or no change in the way they run their operations.


To qualify for the programme, cattle must be born and raised in Montana and finished following naturally raised protocols. The animals must be raised in an environmentally prudent manner; pursuant to beef quality assurance standards or similar guidelines; without the usage of sub-therapeutic antibiotics, synthetic hormones, synthetic growth promotants and ionophores, using only natural feeds that contain no drugs, chemicals or animal byproducts.


The Montana Department of Agriculture will certify ranches with inspections by Montana State University Extension Service, according to the Associated Press.

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