October 27, 2020


Largest A.I. cooperative releases breeding app


According to Select Sires, the largest global artificial insemination (A.I.) cooperative based in the United States, the livestock A.I. business has experienced a dramatic shift in recent years, especially on dairy farms, RFD TV reported. An increasing amount of data is available to help farmers decide what bulls to breed with their cows. The company this week released Select Sires Mobile, a new app to help dairy farmers better search for sires that match their breeding goals.

Leslie Maurice, director of communications, says that the mobile app lets farmers take advantage of data more effectively.

Maurice says, "The ability to search for a bull quickly when you're out there and you can see a pedigree, maybe you're talking to your field rep out in one of your barns and you just want to look up a bull really quick and it's right there and you've already marked it as your favourite. I think it's going to really streamline the process and help our customer-owners be informed quicker than they ever were before."

She says that the features of the app include advanced filters and sharing tools.

"Another feature that I think is going to be very helpful to our customer-owners and our field staff alike is the ability that customers can export lists of bulls and send it directly to their representative," she adds. "They can talk to them about the bulls that they want to learn more about."

With broadband internet lacking in many rural areas, big data can be a problem for farmers to take advantage of. According to Jim Williams, chief information officer for Select Sires, a main feature of the app is its ability to work totally offline.

"Once this is downloaded you basically have over 30,000 animals in there with sires from all over the industry," Williams highlights. "So, you got all genetics for 30,000 animals at your fingertips on your mobile device."

More information is available in this TV broadcast: https://www.rfdtv.com/story/42818350/select-sires-has-released-a-dating-app-for-livestock