October 27, 2008


New high for Henan Province's '08 grains output



Production of autumn grains in China's central Henan Province reaches 23.1 billion kilograms in 2008, driving the total output of grains in the province to 53.7 billion kilograms this year, according to news released by the provincial bureau of statistics on October 22.


The output of summer grains in the nation arrives at 30.6 billion kilograms this year, adding 665 million kilograms, and autumn grains, 23.1 billion kilograms, adding 585 million kilograms. The unit output of summer grains and autumn grains and the total grains output this year hit a record high, respectively.


As a major grain producing province in China, Henan sees local grains output of 40 billion kilograms, 45 billion kilograms, and 50 billion kilograms in the recent three years, which not only meet local demands for grains completely but also export about 15 billion commodity grains and foods to other places across the nation yearly.

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