October 27, 2003



EU Might Review Sanitary Policy That Determines Analysis Of Brazil's Poultry Meat


Until the end of the year, the European Union might evaluate the sanitary policy that determines the total analysis of the poultry meat exported by Brazil to the block, after being detected residues of nitrofuran antibiotic. The control was adopted in September 2002, and, since then, Brazil prohibit nitrofuran trade.


Over the Jan-Sep 2003 period, the country exported 1.46mil m tons of bird meat, 440,100 of which only to the Middle East, which adopts the same sanitary rules of EU. The Brazilian association of poultry meat producers and exporters Abef (Associacao Brasileira dos Produtores e Exportadores de Frango) boosted from 1.8million to 2million metric tons the exports projections to 2003, volume 25% more than in 2002. The incomes might boom 42,8%, reaching US$2billion.