October 26, 2020


BRF and Marfig plants to resume exports to China


Brazil's Agriculture Ministry said China has authorised two factories owned by Brazilian meat processors BRF and Marfig to resume exports to China, after the plants were banned over COVID-19 outbreaks earlier this year, Reuters reported.


The announcement from the ministry comes after a statement from BRF said it had been permitted to resume its exports to China from its poultry plant in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul state.


In a separate statement, Marfig said its beef plant in from Várzea Grande, Mato Grosso state was also cleared to resume exports to China.


Brazil's Agriculture Ministry said authorities in China have accepted the measures adopted by the ministry and companies and in compliance with their demands.


China's General Administration of Customs website showed the Dourados and Várzea Grande meat plants were cleared to resume exports.


An export ban remains on JBS' Três Passos pork plant and Passo Fundo chicken plant.


BRF has 10 poultry and five pork plants certified for exports to China. But its Lajeado plant in southern Rio Grande do Sul state remains suspended by China.


-      Reuters