October 25, 2016

Chair of Westland Milk Products to step down



Westland Milk Products' chairman of the board Matt O'Regan announced that he will step down as chairman and retire from the board on March 31, 2017.


O'Regan said he would stay on until March to give Westland continuity of governance while new CEO Toni Brendish establishes herself into the role, and allow the board time to identify and plan its future governance needs.


"It is vital that Toni has the support of the existing governance structure as she settles into her role," O'Regan said. "By the end of March, she will have a very clear picture of the company, and any major changes she needs to implement to strengthen and grow Westland's commercial success. This will be the best time for her and a new chair to begin working together."


O'Regan said that Westland directors agreed to this approach as it represented the best interests of the company.  The strategy meant a professional handover and gave the board time to ascertain its new leadership.  This included ensuring the company can continue its focus on high added-value products to provide improved returns to Westland shareholders.


"It has been a privilege to have been chairman of Westland Milk Products for the past seven years and I remain committed to the company and to supporting Toni during the next five months," O'Regan said.


He will remain a shareholder/supplier of Westland through the operation of his West Coast dairy farm.

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