October 26, 2011


Russia to axe import quota on pork, poultry after joining WTO



Russia intends to cut import quotas on pork and poultry, but keep the import quota on beef the same after its accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO).


Russia's Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Slepnev said that the negotiations on meat import quotas were not easy, but the agreements concluded meet both the interests of Russia and those of meat suppliers.


On October 4, Slepnev said that Russia had reached an agreement with its key partners on quotas for meat imports into the country under its continuing talks to join the WTO.


Russia is the only major economy still not included in the WTO and has been in negotiations to join the organisation since 1994. The country is expected to join the WTO later this year, according to earlier statements by Russian and foreign officials.

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