October 24, 2016

Lallemand to exhibit products and services at EuroTier 2016

Visitors are invited to join the company for a Happy Hour session on November 16, Wednesday, starting on 6pm.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition solutions for ruminants, monogastrics, equine and pet nutrition comprises of yeast and bacteria probiotics - the ruminant and horse specific live yeast LEVUCELL SC, the monogastric live yeast LEVUCELL SB, the probiotic BACTOCELL for pigs, poultry and aquaculture; premium yeast derivatives such as innovative solution YANG, AGRIMOS and LALTIDE; natural antioxidant such as the premium source of highly bioavailable organic selenium ALKOSELR397, and innovative natural source of primary antioxidant MELOFEED; a full range of crop-specific silage inoculants (LALSIL and Sil-ALL brands); and microbial based animal environment solutions.

The company is dedicated to the continuous R&D support of its solutions and has hence developed Lallemand Forward, a range of specifically chosen solutions to enhance people, knowledge and production practices.

Lallemand Forward represents the company's ideals as it keeps an eye on the future. In practice, Lallemand Forward covers the silage and ruminants Centers of Excellence, education resources, technical exchanges, on-farm-services and audits, and industry support.

Lallemand is situated at booth G22, Hall 20 during EuroTier 2016.
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