October 24, 2011


Kazakhstan's harvest reaches 28.2 million tonnes



From 99% of cultivated areas, Kazakhstan harvested 28.2 million tonnes of grain, reported the press service of the Agriculture Ministry.


According to the regional departments of agriculture as of October 21, 99% of cultivation area harvested (16 million hectares), 28.2 million tonnes of grain threshed with yield at 17.7 tonnes per hectare.


As noted, the wheat and barley were completely harvested in Zhambyl (removed 98.1% yield with 17.3 tonnes/hectare) and South- Kazakhstan (99.7% harvested with yield 15.8 tonnes/hectare) areas. In these areas corn harvesting continues.


At the stage of completion of harvesting grain crops are Almaty (97.7% with yield of 23.7 tonnes/hectare), West Kazakhstan (93.0% yield with 10.2 tonnes/hectare), Karaganda (98.9% yield with 10.6 tonnes/hectare), North Kazakhstan (99.0% yield with 21.8 tonnes/hectare), Kyzylorda (99.4% yield with 42.1 tonnes/hectare), Akmola (98.5% yield with 15.8 tonnes/hectare) and Kostanai (99.9% yield with 19.7 tonnes/hectare) regions.


In 2011, the acreage of all crops totalled 21.2 million hectares, of which cereals - 16.2 million hectares, including wheat - 13.8 million hectares.


Ministry of Agriculture said earlier that in the current marketing year in Kazakhstan record grain yield over the past 60 years will be harvested. According to the forecasts of the Minister, the grain harvest in net weight will be 22-23 million tonnes. Export potential is estimated at 10 million tonnes.

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