October 24, 2008


FMS releases Brill Formulation v2 for customers in China

Press Release

Feed Management Systems (FMS), a developer of software solutions for the worldwide commercial feed manufacturing industry, has announced the release of Brill Formulation Version 2.0 to customers located in China through their authorised Solution Partner, Brill Resellers Inc.


This global feed nutrition and multi-blend software tool manages the nutrients, ingredients, cost and feed formulas, and it can be used to obtain the least-cost solution.


With 50+ enhancements, users can gain more efficiency by leveraging features such as SmartList reporting, increased optimisation, the ability to run parametrics on ingredient value nutrients, rapid analysis of changes for purchasing decisions, and more.


The enhancements delivered in this release are provided to help companies improve the efficiency and responsiveness in their ability to optimise and make on-demand ingredient purchasing decisions.


This release of Brill Formulation includes optimisation enhancements and other features such as:

  • Enhanced reporting including a new inquiry tool called SmartList, allowing users to organise, analyse and share data from within Brill Formulation. Using search criteria to limit the results to only records of interest, data can be exported and saved as a favourite so it can easily be rerun. This new tool can be helpful in responding to compliance requests by performing a search of all archived formulas to display all formulas that may contain a specific ingredient.
  • The ability to run parametrics on an ingredients nutrient value allows users to quickly see the effect a nutrient value change has on the cost of your formula.
  • The ability to temporarily change and save nutrient values on an ingredient in Brill Formulation Multi-Blend. Users can test an opportunity ingredient that might have different nutrient analytical values and can help compare solution results for one ingredient from multiple suppliers where nutrient values are different.
  • Increased usability features including a new menu structure, icons and fields to quickly categorize and access information across relevant functions. 

Feed Management Systems, Inc. (FMS) is a software solutions company that provides industry solutions that link critical information between feed manufacturers and their suppliers and customers.

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